My slow carb dinner

slow carb dinner

This is my slow carb dinner. Stir fry pork cooked with garlic, chilli, ginger, onions, peppers, lentils and kidney beans. Oh and a glass of Argentinian Malbec. Delicious. This is day one of my slow carb diet experiment.

Do I believe that the slow carb diet is the be all and end all of diets? No. Calories matter and a calorie deficit comes first, followed by nutrient profile. I do however think that compliance is a major and underestimated factor in fat loss. If you don’t enjoy it, can’t or won’t stick to it then it’s not going to work. So I’m testing it for a month. A month is no big thing in the grand scheme of life. So I’m trying it. Updates to follow.

Try something!

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